Are you interested in carrying Looks by Lauryn in your store? Let's see if we can make it happen! 

The BEST way to contact me quickly is to message me on Facebook. Despite my best efforts, email gets crammed up pretty quick. 

At this time, I am only accepting brick and mortar locations.

Please include:

  • store name
  • store address
  • your resale tax id #
  • any social media handles

Wholesale Requirements

In order to qualify for a wholesale account, please make sure that you meet the following minimum requirements:

  • You have current resale license.
  • You have a physical retail location (Louisiana applicants)
  • A website on a secure domain, or website beginning with "https" (Outside Louisiana applicants)

Account and Order Information

  • Minimums will vary product to product.
  • Orders must be paid upfront, unless you have made arrangements with me otherwise. Sku exclusivity does not apply until payment is received.
  • I do offer custom orders. Contact me directly for more information and specific questions.

Shipping and Turnaround

  • Any changes to delivery date must be mutually agreed upon.
  • All shipping charges for returns, exchanges, repairs, etc. are the buyer's responsibility and cannot be refunded.
  • It takes me around 2-3 weeks to get things made and ready to be shipped. Delivery times with vary by location and are out of my control.

Terms and Conditions

    The RRP is the minimum price for which you may sell LBL products without express written prior permission.

    ​Due to the handmade nature of the products, no two items will be exactly the same. The items shown on the LBL website are a close representation of the finished items you will receive.

    Retailers are not permitted to display and/or sell LBL designs, whether on their premises or online, without the packaging/labeling provided, or with the LBL logo on the packaging/labeling covered and/or altered in any way to represent themselves or any other entity as the creator and/or designer of LBL products, in whole or in part. 

    ​It is illegal to provide misleading, false or fraudulent information to establish a wholesale relationship and receive discounted prices for anything other than resale purposes. Only stores listed on the initial application are authorized to sell LBL merchandise. Secondary stores must have prior approval before selling.

    LBL does not authorize sales to third parties, auction sites or through other markets without prior express written permission.

    ​Approval is required to become an LBL retailer. This allows me to evaluate many factors that go into determining exclusivity and proximity. While I am sensitive to and try to be aware of each retailer's territory, I can not guarantee total exclusivity. However, zip code exclusivity is given per SKU, per month--minimum run size ensures 30 day exclusivity per SKU, doubled run ensures 60 days per SKU, etc.

    Once approved, purchasing constitutes acceptance of LBL’s Terms & Conditions. Please email info@thelooksbylauryn.com for any questions regarding terms.

    **By submitting the contact form, you're agreeing the the above statements**

    *any reference of LBL may be used interchangeably with The Looks by Lauryn brand name for Terms and Conditions only*